Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Vehicle Visualisation

WheelzApp is a simple augmented reality app I created to help solve a simple problem - which after market wheels suit your vehicle. In days past, people might photoshop this, ask a friend to do it, or search for similar setups online. The difference is, with WheelZapp, you actually see the wheel you want, on your actual car, in full 3D, and you can even enable real time environment reflections to get a more realistic look. The customisation options also allow you to preview specific finishes and colours so you can add your own personal touch. Augmented reality is perfect for this kind of visualisation. The app itself is straight forward and is available for iOS on the App Store. The biggest challenge was recreating so many wheel designs. Replicating some of the high end brand's designs requires a keen eye for detail. The more expensive techniques used to manufacture these wheels often allow for much finer detail, much crisper lines. Because the 3D models I made were to run in real time, on a mobile phone, they needed to be relatively light weight in terms of poly count. To achieve the smooth visuals I would generally create a low/medium poly model and then use beveling across hard edges to give a smoother look.

Head over to the AppStore or check it out on IG @wheelzapp to see videos of it in action.